SAFe 5.0

Where to start?

1) go to

Immediately on the website you see the SAFe 5.0 Framework… there are several tabs… and lots of clickable icons leading you to more information. Start reading the articles and familiarize yourself of the various levels and roles in each level, the seven competencies and their respective 3 dimensions.

2) Take SAFe classes

3) Get certified…

4) Use SAFe 5… not just at work… you may use it anywhere… at home, while driving, shopping, etc. I do… and it’s fantastic!

Once you go SAFe 5.0… you won’t go back to SAFe 4.x … 5.0 is a major upgrade for the better. The contrast is like day and night.

Go and be SAFe 5.0 knowledgeable, certified and practitioner now!

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