Scrum And Kanban — Like Day And Night

It’s true — the contrast between Scrum and Kanban is like Day and Night!

Look at this angle: Kanban stories go through major phases…without ‘sprint’ boundaries… days go by without the story ever changing phase…like a story could be in the ‘Doing’ phase beyond two weeks (Sprint in SAFe is two weeks… Sprint is called iteration in SAFe).

Unlike Scrum.

Stories in Scrum had to be started, worked on, completed and done within a Sprint/Iteration.

Kanban is like the moon… it has major phases that go on for a long time — beyond 12 hours; Scrum is like the sun… it rises and sets in short sprints of 12 hours or so.

It’s ok to use either. It’s okay to go through major phases — Kanban; it’s ok to keep starting and ending in regular short intervals — Scrum.

This applies in life as well.

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