Long Lead Time

Day 168.

8:10 pm EST, Tuesday, September 15, 2020.

I’m experiencing a long lead time (wait time!) today with my pickup of groceries at Walmart.

Been waiting for more than 30 minutes now since I’ve checked in (they texted me that my grocery is now ready for pick up … that was 45 minutes ago!).

As you can see on the picture … the car park — that Walmart has designated for groceries pickup — is full ! Every one is waiting for their groceries … to be delivered into the boot of their car ! Including me!

Not sure what happened … too many people ordered for pickup today? Too few Walmart associates on duty today? Should Walmart take note that when it is Tuesday, they put more associates on duty?

Finally, 8:19 PM EST, I got my groceries! Walmart delivery usually closes at 8:00 pm est … tonight, Walmart associates are working overtime! With lots of cars still waiting … it will be a long night for them (Walmart associates and customers)! Not cool to both parties.

Balancing ‘capacity and demand’ is not easy! Knowing market rhythm could help.

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