Day 182.

Bruce Lee

it is the realization or fulfillment of one’s talents and potentialities, especially considered as a drive or need present in everyone.

Artist of life!

This means that you are the artistic designer of your life!

Can you actually design your life?

Can you design your work?

Answer to both is … probably yes… you have to make some changes to make it work !

Start with mindset. Having and practicing a ‘lean agile’ mindset.

What are the beliefs that you hold that are probably hindering you? Start there… ponder about it… just take one in and think of how you want to proceed with it…


Lean thinking: Start with the elimination of wasteful things. Are you producing documentations that no one will ever read!? That’s wasteful! Can you improve some processes that you do at work and at home?

Agile thinking: do you spend major time on minor things? If yes, then stop doing that! Start prioritizing and doing the highest prioritized things!

Can you replace limiting beliefs, actions and practices with a better one?

If you can … then… should you?

If yes … then… will you replace it?

Having a Lean agile mindset is rewarding … practicing it for real is challenging … it is not easy! Commit to it. Commitment is key.

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