Elegant and Timeless

These cars are elegant and timeless… unaffected and unchanged by time. Ageless.

Just like these cars, Lean — born after World War II — is elegant and timeless. It is beautiful as it is … and sometimes better together with something else … like Agile… or UX…

Lean is my passion… and Agile … and UX…

Do not be stuck in Agile! Be Lean as well.

In my new book, just like SAFe 6.0, I put Lean on center stage… taking 100 pages of my book out of 510 pages!

There are many other ideas including Lean, Agile and UX — short but sweet ideas — found in over 60 topics in my new book, ‘SAFe (6.0) Is like …’ … available on Amazon… it has reached ‘# 1 New Release’ several times!

By Clarence Galapon

CE, MBA, Lean Agile Coach, Trainer, Teacher, SPC, RTE, PSM, PMI-ACP, PMI-PBA, PMP, CC, ABNLP NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Practitioner, NLP Coach, NLP Trainer, Practical Psychologist, Life Coach, Software Executive, Entrepreneur, Author, Investor, and Innovator with a Creative, Lean, Agile, and Wander mindset. https://LeanAgileGuru.com

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