Stay-At-Home Order Day 10

Cleaning up and sorting out stuff… indoors… listening to my various audible books; try it! You might find that your mind wanders to various places (depending on the content of the book you are currently listening to) whilst your body does the cleaning and sorting… all these ‘activities’ happen at same time! Nothing new and unusual about this experience. We all do this kind of stuff: simultaneously doing something in chunks!

This is called chunking! Chunking reduces WIP by putting together small pieces of work together in one and yet still relatively small one collective piece!

Driving your car for example; whilst driving your car, you are using your eyes, hands, foot, nose, mouth, fingers, and all your senses (including your sixth sense/ intuition) at the same time so that you can move from point A to point B in the least possible lead time, and preferably accident-free… result (you arrive at your destination) with quality (no accident and you had a sweet and smooth ride) is an awesome thing to have!

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