What is the Intent?

homer5What is the intent? That’s what I ask for — the intent — when I read at a story, a feature, an epic, a solution. It should pop up immediately…first thing I read…the rest will be just details. It is the aim/purpose that guides action…the thing that you plan to do, realize, or achieve.

north starIntention is very powerful and important! It is like a compass…a north star… guiding our actions… it is like an anchor so we wont stray or float aimlessly to nowhere.

exit_intent_screen_filler_social_02Sometimes, an Agile artifact — like an epic, a feature, a solution, a story —  can be too noisy: lots of wordy details — and other artifacts attached to it — that one is lost as to what that epic, feature, solution, or a story is all about! We fall off the center so to speak. This is where the power of intent comes in: it is the ‘compass’ that points us back to the right direction…to what we are aiming for; a power that gently guides us  back to the ‘center’… and leads us back to seeing as to what the true aim/purpose is and as to what the true value is that needs to be achieved/realized.

Remember this: make sure you write first the intent of an epic, a feature, a solution, or a story… then follow it up with details as you see fit.

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