The Continuous Delivery Pipeline: The Pipeline that Keeps Giving

In the movie, ‘Kingdom of Heaven’, the protagonist, Balian, inherited Ebelin, a large land — from his father the lord of Ebelin who just passed away — with villagers living on it. The land is arid. One day, Balian is concerned: his subjects are not having a sustained and abundant source of food. There is no constant source of water to have a lush of vegetation.

One day, he had an idea: a water well !

He directed his subjects to dig a hole … wide and deep enough for a water well.

Dug they did… for days…until…

They struck water … everyone in the village went wild and celebrated!

People carried pails of water to the vegetation … long walks to and from.

‘Time consuming ‘, Balian thought.

Then one day, he got an idea: A pipeline that flows from a reservoir near the well to the vegetations.

The villagers worked building the pipeline with Balian coordinating and removing obstacles.

They tried it after the network of pipelines were built … and the reservoir.

It worked! They all cheered and celebrated !

All they do thereafter is to fill up the reservoir so there is a continuous delivery of water not just to the vegetation but also to the houses of the villagers. Rain water is also captured to go to the reservoir.

They have achieved a continuous flow of water via the continuous delivery pipeline that they have built… a pipeline that keeps giving!

To be continued …

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