Continuous Delivery Pipeline — What a Beauty!

I throw around the term ‘Continuous Delivery Pipeline CDP)’ all the time when continuous flow of value is the topic. This CDP concept and what it can do is specially valuable to Business Owners and Product Managers.

Why? CDP — a working CDP — can be used by business owners and Product Managers for idea experimentation… Lean UX / lean startup activities… i.e idea – build – observe/measure – learn – pivot or persevere.

Start with a small idea (MVP — minimal viable product; or MMF — minimal marketable feature) … run it through the working CDP… then check the feature’s benefit hypothesis after its release in production… then, based on empirical data, the business owner or product manager can decide to add more features (persevere) or remove the feature (pivot).

That is the beauty of a working CDP … it is a ‘vehicle or laboratory’ for ideas (good or bad).

Madoff and his CDP of money — bad idea

CDP is a boon for innovation! CDP, you are a beauty!

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