How to do a Team Peer Review vis-a-vis Team Agility Health Radar

This is a fun activity for me as a coach! Love doing this to other teams that I do not coach or am not exposed to. I am an independent and objective reviewer… an outsider looking in.

First of all, I make sure that the team feels safe … and can freely express their thoughts.

Then warm up: team introductions — each member to talk; and I introduce myself as well… and what they do… and what their team is all about.

Then … I tell them a story. The big idea is to capture the big picture of this whole exercise in a memorable and relatable narrative / story.

My favorite story is ‘Dipsticking’. Once in a while, I use a dipstick to probe the level of oil in my lawn mower… see where the oil level is at… if it is low, then I have an action plan: replenish the oil!

That is what this exercise is all about: 1) Probe (agility health radar ask probing questions to see where people are at), 2) Retro (the team have a conversation and reflect on the result — re: responses on the different dimensions of the agility health radar — of the probe), & 3) create an action plan for improvement. A growth plan according to the team or individual not according to you as a coach! This way , the team will have that sense of ownership… they will run with it! They should record this as a story — part of the team improvement roadmap / backlog — in Rally, Jira, Version One or any other tool that they use for Agile system of record. That is the intent and the end of this team agility health peer review!

Delivering a rather complex idea in a relatable narrative is very powerful … making the complex into simple.

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