A Film on Lean-Agile…

mcdonaldsI love film and filmmaking! One film that immediately grabbed my lean-agile mindset when I first saw it, was the film about Ray Crock and McDonald’s… titled “The Founder”.

As I was watching it, I sort of made some parallelism in my mind with the film’s story and lean-agile. An analogy if you will.

tennis courtAfter watching the movie, I’ve expressed this analogy that is sitting on my mind… by mashing up a film (under my filmmaking outfit ‘CG Pictures’)… by grabbing key scenes in the film and superimposing texts… to provide a lean-agile narrative that parallels those key scenes.

I am pleased to share with you the mashed-up film, Lean-Agile Analogous Story! Please click the hyperlink or type in this URL: https://vimeo.com/leanagileguru/story.  I hope that you’ll find it entertaining as well as educational.


  1. When I first saw this movie I was thinking about how they were applying lean-agile principals too. Thank you Clarence for putting this video together and putting your thoughts into the text. Great job! I can see this getting played for teams in all lean-agile training sessions!


    1. Thank you for the feedback! My thoughts exactly … great for training … put the lean-agile mindset in a 4 minute film that is entertaining, memorable , familiar with visual and textual narrative !


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