Pairing … is Good for Growth

Do you have strength / high competency that you are willing to share ? Do you have weakness / low competency that you want improved? If you are in an environment that allows you to pair with someone who wants to improve on a weakness with input from your strength … and vice-versa … that’s an opportunity and take it … it is called pairing for growth!

It is good for both parties. The more you share and teach what you are good at, the wiser. better, and stronger you become. The student becomes better, stronger and wiser as well. Great synergy.

Lean-agile is all about continuous and never-ending improvement (CANI): be wiser, stronger, better ad-infinitum! Pairing is one vehicle to achieve continuous growth and self improvement; and collective improvement by individuals only makes the enterprise wiser, stronger and better as well.

So… starting now… find someone whom you can pair with and start this wonderful journey … and experience the joy of discovery. Remember to have a pragmatic (not dogmatic) mindset… to have fun… and to have an open and flexible learning mindset.

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