Transformation is Beautiful But Hard to Do

This is very true! For one, the thing that you want transformed has in itself ingrained already , hard wired into you, the system, the enterprise. Sort of a ‘Muscle memory’… ingrained thoughts, action, language and habits that get triggered automatically, a reflex if you will.

Take ‘Tae Kwon Do’ for example. They — the students and practitioners — do the same movement over and over again until it becomes second nature… handy in combat situations wherein decisive action is needed in a split second … automatic reflex is needed. Once ingrained, it is hard to unlearn.

Same is true with biking: when you first learn how to ride a bike … and when you try a new way of riding it… watch this reverse Bicycle challenge:

Paradigm shift l! That is what is needed to successful transformation … it is easy to say but hard to do… because of muscle memory… ingrained habits… languages … actions … thoughts … beliefs.

Most transformations are beautiful… fall season is one; the leaves are colorful! Your enterprise’s lean-agile transformation could also be a beautiful competitive advantage. Beautiful… but hard to do and achieve… will take years!

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