Funding Capacity… an Analogy. Part II

SAFe uses ‘Burning Platform’ as an analogy for Illustrating a tipping point … a catalyst … driver for change.

It’s is a good analogy… a needed shove from inaction to action.

We need a follow-up analogy…for funding capacity not projects:

The Titanic!

Titanic sunk … it is gone … and there is a new ship in town.

Let’s take a step back to see why the ill-fated ship, Titanic, is a good analogy for funding projects.

Money talks: Executives with money to fund their pet projects get their way … regardless of the overall enterprise strategy. Meaning, other projects with more strategic merit cannot be considered because the executive for that project was not able to get funding. These funded projects’ executives are ‘dining in fine style, food and wine at the Titanic; their cargo safely arranged in a large neat place’.

Cheese and crackers: Underfunded executives get crumbs… they do not have enough money to fund strategic projects… they are relegated to ‘eating cheese and crackers at the titanic; their measly cargo casually dumped in a small damp place somewhere’.

You can see the inequality… yes, money talks!

Titanic, unfortunately, sunk and gone…

A new ship has replaced it…

To be continued…

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