Too Focused

Got pulled over for speeding several days ago… too focused on getting to my destination — my daughter’s middle school… so in that zone… in that flow… getting ‘from point A to point B’… did not even see how fast I was going even though I got the heads-up display of my speed in front of me… did not feel I was speeding… did not even see the police car waiting — for speedsters– on the the median!

Sometimes — specially in our rush — we forget to check our surroundings… and we get a setback … a penalty… a costly fine… this applies to Software Development as well… in our rush to deliver, we forget to check for:

  • C = Constraints
  • A = Assumptions
  • R = Risks
  • D = Dependencies
  • I = Impediments
  • B = Bottlenecks

Yes, be aware of CARDI-B ( a good easy to remember mnemonic!) if you want to avoid setbacks.

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