Is your Daily Standup (DSU) with Sense of Purpose? Part II

A purpose-driven DSU is paramount… aspire to having one… make it so with your team!

Set iteration goals that are meaningful … to the team and organization and users.

Connect the goals… there should be a ‘golden thread’ that connects what you are doing to the sprint/iteration goals … to the program goals/objectives (tactical)… to the strategic objectives… to the enterprise strategy. Find that golden thread and make it visible to everyone… that will make whatever they are doing meaningful… and get them pumped up … during DSU and say: ‘let me tell you what I have done to help complete this sprint’; here is what I am going to do today to help compete this sprint’ ; ‘I am facing an obstacle… need help…let’s swarm it so we all can complete this sprint!’

That is more exciting than merely mechanically or saying in rote none meaningful activities you did and about to do!

Make your DSUs exciting and meaningful now! Find that golden thread and tell it to your tribe!

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