Mission: Impossible (The Movie) and Scrum

Question: What is common between Ethan’s Mission Impossible (MI) team and a Scrum team?

Ethan and his MI team

Answer: 1) both are willing to commit to a goal; 2) both have the notion that a team of people will have absolute autonomy and full authority to do its best; 3) the team decides how to do the work it selected or decided to accept (specially in Ethan’s case).

The MI team’s Boss

MI Bosses and the Scrum framework have something in common as well: both provide their respective team all the authority it needs to meet its commitment.

Scrum Values — Commitment is one of these values: People personally commit to achieving the goals of the Scrum Team

Commitment plus empowerment is a powerful pair…once people start experiencing this pair, they begin to have faith in their leaders and even in themselves.

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