Pigs and Chickens

A chicken and a pig are together when the chicken says, “Let’s start a ‘Bed and Breakfast’ business!” The pig replies, “What would we call this ‘Bed and Breakfast’ business?” The chicken says, “Ham and Egg B&B!” The pig says, “No thanks. I’d be committed, but you’d only be involved”

— Anonymous

The story highlights the fact that in Scrum, the scrum team is committed to the goal of the sprint. They are the “pigs” in the story. The rest are just chickens…involved but not committed. These are the people who need to keep track of the Sprint… such as users, product manager and product management, business owners, stakeholders, etc.

Chickens may attend as guests to the Daily Scrum meeting; however, chickens — and rightly so since they are not committed — are not allowed to interfere in the Daily Scrum meeting in any way, such as talking, making noise, gestures, dictating what to do, etc.

By listening carefully during the Daily Scrum, chickens can get a sense of what the team is doing and how likely it will achieve its Sprint Goal. Attending the Daily Scrum is much easier and more informative than going through a bunch of reports.

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