No Two Scrum Teams Are Identical… And That’s Okay!

I still yet to see two scrum teams that are identical… have you?

There is always something different that makes them not identical…

Just like no game of Chess is identical to another

Sure … there are similar Scrum teams or similar games of chess … but never identical…

It is because Scrum and Chess are both about people. We are all unique. Even identical twins…one can discern their differences…as such, one can’t treat them the same way…

That’s why when Hitachi Tools tried to implement Toyota’s TPS … they failed … TPS as it is implemented at Toyota did not work at Hitachi Tools! Different set of people; different corporate cultures.

Best to find your own way of Scrum… it is like in singing contest shows… their winner is the one who owned the song!

Own your Scrum! Its okay! It’s all about delivering value…at the end of the day. If you are not delivering value — just form, no substance — then you are just blowing smoke… like a fig tree that does not bear fruit.

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