Lessons From FedEx, Part II

Previously, we looked at predictability.

Let’s look at throughput — the quantity, x, delivered within a given time, y.

FedEx has constant flow of items of business value (in packages) … and they deliver these to the world on time.

That flow — via a set of ‘continuous delivery pipelines’ (borrowing SAFe’s CDP metaphor) — started with a throughput of 186 packages delivered over a day or two… very low compared to the throughput that they have now. FedEx scaled-up with their flow.

Imagine having a CDP but lacking the needed throughput to deliver more? CDP that can’t scale-up? Never improved at all? Dependable and on time but low throughput over a long span of time? Think about these questions for a moment… reflect on how you feel about this situation vis-a-vis your ART and / or your Agile team(s).

Is your Agile Release Train (ART) due for improvement to increase throughput? Would competency on ‘DevOps and Release on Demand’ help increase throughput?

Is your Agile team due for improvement? Would competency on ‘Team and Technical Agility’ help increase throughput?

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