Inspect and Adapt: Problem Solving Workshop — Brainstorming Guidelines

Inspect and Adapt: after re-stating the problem using the true root cause that was identified using the Fishbone diagram and five whys technique… now that we have an understanding of the problem that needs to be solved… what’s next?

Brainstorm for solutions!

Here are some ideas or a set of guidelines for brainstorming:

1) the best ideas are not the first one offered! Therefore, throw in as much as ideas as possible into the ‘ideas pot’!

2) don’t edit ideas … all ideas are welcome!

3) be silly, be audacious, creative, wild!

4) build on ideas of others

5) don’t judge, don’t evaluate, don’t criticize, don’t filter

6) write it down… show it… be it transparent and inspectable

Of course, once the solution is identified, make this actionable by putting it in the backlog, prioritize it, put it on the improvement roadmap!

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