The team must be willing to commit to a goal… otherwise, that lack of commitment leads to avoidance of accountability which in turn leads to inattention to results.

The five dysfunctions of teams

Results is the name of the game. Scrum is just a way to achieve it.

Now… Scrum provides people, the team, all the authority they need to meet their commitments. In turn, the team will do everything in their power to achieve their committed sprint goal.

Scrum is the art of the possible… about what the team can actually get done; they commit to what they can actually get done.

Team members are intrinsically motivated; their motivations come from within.

Intrinsically motivated individuals have a sense of purpose, mastery (be the best they could be)… and autonomy.

The notion that a team of people will have absolute autonomy and full of authority to do its best is hard to fathom in some companies. But it is the key to success.

Commitment is one of the five Scrum values. Use it everyday!

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