Movies and Agile

Oscars — an event honoring actors and filmmakers in the movies.

I was watching it – the 92nd Oscars, 2020 — as I was writing this blog item.

Got to share my observations vis-a-vis the titles of the movies in the running for Oscars awards:

A good title says what a movie is!’


Evoke a setting :’Once upon a time in Hollywood’

About a person: ‘The Irishman’

About women; ‘Little Women’

About something unsettling: ‘Parasite’

Likewise in Agile: A good name of an Epic, Feature, or a Story says about the intent of it!

Intent … is key. Delivery of the intent of the Epic, Feature or Story — not solely focused on completion of its tasks — is key to success.

Look at your Epic, Feature, Story — does its name or its short description convey its intent?

Congratulations to ‘Parasite’ cast and crew! … for the best director, best picture and two other awards that they’ve received at the Oscars tonight!

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