Sprint Replaced By Iteration

Have you ever wondered why SAFe replaced the word ‘Sprint’ with ‘Iteration’?

  • Sprint Review is now Iteration Review
  • Sprint planning is now Iteration planning
  • Sprint Retrospective is now Iteration Retrospective


SAFe is Scaled Agile… from team level scaling up to program level to large solution level to portfolio level.

In SAFe, the iteration ‘plan-do-check-adjust’ (PDCA) is applied not only at team level (where teams iterate — called ‘sprint’ in scrum)… but also at SAFe’s program level, large solution level and portfolio level. In this light, SAFe needed a more appropriate word… that can be used at scale … when we ‘plan-do-check-adjust’ at all levels … and that word is ‘Iteration’!

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