Pool Of Meaning Part II

Now that we have a set of Features that is needed to deliver the beneficial product, what we want to do next is to explore each Feature.

Again as I’ve mentioned in Part I, gather together a set of people that you think could help ‘Feature Storm’ and idea. This time around, we want to ‘Story Storm’ one Feature at a time. It might turn out that you might need different set of people for each Feature to storm.

Start with a question: ‘is this Feature a straightforward decomposition of Stories … or… is there a workflow — a set of activities — that must happen to deliver the value that the Feature intend to deliver?’

If the answer to that question is the latter… then read on.

To be continued…

By Clarence Galapon

CE, MBA, Lean Agile Coach, Trainer, Teacher, SPC, RTE, PSM, PMI-ACP, PMI-PBA, PMP, CC, ABNLP NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Practitioner, NLP Coach, NLP Trainer, Practical Psychologist, Life Coach, Software Executive, Entrepreneur, Author, Investor, and Innovator with a Creative, Lean, Agile, and Wander mindset. https://LeanAgileGuru.com

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