Pool Of Meaning Part III

A Feature could span a series of steps — a workflow — to realized its value. We call these series of steps, ‘Activities’ … or ‘Steps to Value’.

There are two steps to break apart a workflow based Feature into stories.

Step one: lay out all the activities that must happen to deliver the value. What are the ‘Steps to Value’?

For example: a Feature for an ATM machine could be ‘Ability to Deposit a check’.

Think about the customer. The persona of the customer will go through a series of activities:

  • Touch the ATM screen to activate the ATM to Human interface screen
  • Insert ATM card
  • Enter the passcode
  • Select ‘Deposit’ option
  • Select ‘Deposit Check’ option
  • Enter the amount of the check deposit
  • Insert the check into the check intake slot
  • ATM displays confirmation of receipt
  • ATM prints out confirmation receipt
  • Presents the main menu

Step two: read on…

To be continued…

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