PI Objective — Demystified Part II

PI Objectives are found at the team level and at the program level. Of course, these cascade up to fulfill objectives at the portfolio level and enterprise level.

Here, we focus on PI Objectives at the team and program levels.

Simply put, team PI Objectives are key outputs of the PI Planning session. These are brief summaries — expressed in business terms — of what the team is prepared to commit to in the upcoming PI (i.e. the next three months of work).

Many of the objectives will be features from the backlog (the ones brought forth to PI planning) which are stated just like they were described in the vision briefing of day 1 of the PI planning session. As such, their importance and the value these features deliver are immediately recognizable and familiar. These are usually value delivering features… also known as ‘business’ features in the SAFe requirements model. See figure-1 below. These are ‘business’ objectives.

Others, may not be value delivering features… these are called ‘enabler’ features. These are ‘technical’ objectives.

Others may be an aggregation of a set of features or less tangible items that still deserve notice and attention at this top-level output of the PI Planning process.

To be continued…

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