SAFe 5.0 is Customer Centric

Day 22 of ‘Stay at home’ order.

Beginning a series of small-sized blogs… about SAFe and its practical application within the context of the enterprise.

The best place to start is at ; there, the visual representation of the scaled agile framework (SAFe) is displayed with ‘tabs’ at the top.

Click on the first tab… you get to see the image as shown on figure-1… I have encircled in red, ‘Customer Centricity’.

Put that in mind… everything that we will do will revolve around the customer… everything that the enterprise (and its employees) has done, doing, and will do…directly or indirectly impacts the customer! Think about that for a moment… it is not about you…it is not about the system… it is all about the customer.

From now on, we will use ‘Customer Centricity’ as anchor to everything that we do. Always ask yourself: ‘who is the customer?’; ‘What moves them?’ ‘What products that I could build to benefit them?’; ‘What are the product Features that could deliver those Benefits?’

To be continued…

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