Having a Good Coach is Invaluable

My daughter’s second training day with the Mecklenburg Swim Academy (MSA) today, October 29, 2018. She is 11 and in Silver group. There are kids who are also 11 y.o. but they are in Bronze group. However, she is good (she impressed the assessing coach during her team-entry tryout) hence she was accepted in the Silver group.

I’m very pleased that the coach paid more attention to her today. I can see her improvement immediately!

He showed her on how to improve her stroke; took a video and analyzed it with her thereafter. She tried his recommendation and she got it right and improved immediately.

That is invaluable! He is a good coach! He is building my daughter’s skills in small increments with fast and integrated learning cycle! That is SAFe principle #4. Yes, you can apply SAFe principles outside work!

Good student; good coach; perfect!

NOTE: As you go through your SAFe transformation, at work or outside work, make sure you have a good coach … and be a good ‘student’… absorb and soak in the information the coach is giving you.

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